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Slutty Babygirl (✿◠‿◠) 21. South Florida. This blog contains mostly NSFW kawaii things, with selfies and nude photos of me as well as whatever else I want to post about! My blog, not yours so no I do not take requests :P unless otherwise stated. If you wanna make me a happy bunny and feed my panty fetish thats what Amazon wishlists are for ;3
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Top picture: By Naoko Takeuchi

Bottom picture: By Marco Albiero

This is my shit

Anonymous Asked:
When your daddy and you broke up how did you dealMy daddy and I have mutually decided to end things but i still feel horrible

My answer:

Love how my ask go from blowjob advice, to ass eating request, to relationship advice lolololol

It was actually ridiculously easy getting over my last daddy. Towards the end I was super unhappy and wasn’t cumming and was just holding out because I thought we genuinely cared about each other. It’s just really easy to get over someone who didn’t even care about your orgasms

Time heals all anon :* just remember it’s ok to be sad, it’s ok to cry in your shower, it’s ok to treat yourself with chocolate. You don’t need any one to complete you :)

Anonymous Asked:
The only thing that would make me not respect you is if you didn't touch my butt.

My answer:

Wifey material right here ^^^ gather round before somebody snatches this gray face up

"This is for the ones who wobble it
and be puttin they mouth on it
They suck everything out of it
Then they catch it and swallow it"

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